is it free to visit birmingham orthdontists if you are under the age of 18!
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An orthodontic treatment improves the appearance, position and function of irregularly arranged or crooked teeth. birmingham orthodontists are registered in the list of special orthodontists UK on the general dental council’s websites.

Is it free under 18?

Orthodontic treatment is free for people under the age of 18 who have clear clinical need for the treatment. However, there can be a long waiting list for treatment because of the high demand. In addition if you do not qualify for the free orthodontic treatment you may choose private treatment which is widely offered.

Private orthodontic treatment

On average private Birmingham orthodontist have an average fee of 2,000 and 6,000 euros. They assess your mouth and recommend the right type of braces and duration of use to give you perfectly aligned teeth. More importantly, they keep a close eye with regular check-ups to ensure there is no tooth decay that destroys teeth. In some cases crooked teeth can cause sleep dysfunctions such as snoring. Mouth guards used to align teeth can greatly reduce the effects of snoring and give you a perfect smile.

Orthodontists recommend teeth to be fixed when children are under 12 years. This is because at a young age their bones are still developing. The results from such treatments done at a young age will give you a permanent look.

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