5:30am to 9pm Monday through Friday 

8am to 3pm Saturday & Sunday

Please advise we will be following Governor Scott's Safety Guidelines

and requirements for gym operation. 

These guidelines will be followed by each employee and where applicable, by the members.  Some extreme situations may require modifications on a case to case basis.  This is a living document based on the most current information provided by the Local, State and Federal governments, CDC and WHO.

-If you are sick STAY HOME! If you have a fever, sore throat, chills, cough, loss of taste or smell or difficulty breathing, please stay at home.  Even if you think it is just a “cold” please stay at home.


-All employees and members will be pre-screened as they enter the building.Temperature will also soon be taken at the door. We ask that you be patient as we might be in another part of the building.  Please remain at the front counter until we have completed your pre-screening.  There is a page button on the phone receiver that you can use to get our attention.


-Masks (or face coverings) must be worn at all times.  While walking into and around the facility, while working out or in the locker rooms, please wear a face covering or mask.   We understand they are not comfortable and it is hard for many of you to breath while wearing a mask but please respect those around you and do your best to have them on at all times.  If you must take your mask down please do not approach another member until the mask is properly placed.

-Practice social distancing.  Leave an empty machine between each other to keep the 6 feet minimum.  Be patient and wait for a machine to be ready.  Do Not Crowd! You may be comfortable, but others may not be.  We may have to limit access to the facility to maintain the 6 feet social distancing guideline.  Calling ahead is encouraged to confirm adequate occupancy allowance. 

-Wash and sanitize hands frequently.  There is a bottle of hand sanitizer at the front counter please use this before entering the rest of the facility. There are several other locations for hand sanitizer throughout the facility for your convenience.  You must wash hands before leaving the restrooms. 

-One exercise at a time. Please only do one exercise or workout at a time and clean the machine or area before moving on to the next.

-Clean up after yourself! You must clean all benches, head rests, handles and part of equipment that your hands or body comes in contact with.  It is recommended that you also clean the machine before use.  There are plenty of spray bottles with disinfectant placed around the gym for your convenience.  Feel free to police each other and give friendly reminders if you see someone not clean up after themselves.  If you are not comfortable, mention it to a staff member.  

-Staff is cleaning more often. High touch areas will be wiped down several times a day and a record will be written down and tracked.  The normal day to day cleaning will continue as well.  Restrooms will be cleaned several times a day or as needed.  This means if an employee of the opposite sex cleans the restroom it will be closed for a short while with signage posted at both entrances.  

-Air flow is important.  We will have doors, windows, air vents open and fans on as much as possible to promote good air circulation.  This may mean for some warmer or cooler days in the gym.  We will do our best to keep it comfortable inside of the facility.  

-Class sizes will be kept appropriate.  In order to keep the social distancing we will limit the class sizes appropriately. 

-Signage is important!  There will be plenty of new signs around the facility.  Please take the time to read these as they have important information on them for your health, safety and well being.

-Sauna will be CLOSED until further notice.  It is impossible to keep social distancing in the saunas and for this we must keep the saunas closed until further notice.  We are truly sorry about the inconvenience.  

-The middle shower will be closed.  The shower will be closed to keep the social distancing.  Sorry again for the inconvenience.  

-You will be asked to leave if you do not comply! Your safety and the safety of every other member is our number one priority.  Please respect these guidelines or we may have to ask you to leave the facility.  


As always, if you see anything that needs our attention let us know.




come in and

ask the staff!

Here at our gym our mission is to introduce the tools(equipment) and knowledge(staff) to our members so that they may obtain their fitness goals and create a healthier lifestyle, in a clean stress-free environment, at an affordable price.

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We will be offering

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Group Outings

in the near future!

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Outer Limits

Tough Mudder Team!!!

Main Workout Room

In this large space you will find a wide variety of fitness equipment. We have free weights ranging from pre-set dumbbells and barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and plenty of weight plates to personalize your workout. Our cable machines are designed to work every major muscle group. And for cardio equipment, there are treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, rowers, and a variety of bike styles. 

Women's Weight Room

In addition to our main room we have a separate space just for women although it does not have all of the equipment the main room offers, we can provide you with exercises to complete your full body workout. There is a wide range of cardio, free weights and cable machines to meet your needs. We wanted a section of our gym to be a place were women could be comfortable enough to have a worry free workout!


Stretch Room

If you are looking for some floor space away from the commotion of the main room we have a stretch room where you can do some pre and post workout stretching or any kind of floor exercise routine you want to do.   









76 Cotton Mill Hill

Brattleboro, VT 05301




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