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Michael - Owner &

Michael has been working in Fitness for 20 years. Not only has he been focusing on himself, but he has enjoyed helping others achieve their fitness goals!

When he is not at the gym he is a full time Paramedic. He lives for his family, running trails and rock climbing. 


Melissa -

Melissa is co-owners with her husband Michael. Although you won't see her working at the gym often you better believe she is here working hard behind the scenes on our social media streams and website development.

When she is not at the gym she lives for her family and spending time with friends on her bowling league.

Ali -Asst. Manager

Ali is the Assistant Manager. Ali is a critical part of the gym.  She brings an extensive business background and keen managerial skills to our team.


When she is not at the gym. She lives for time with her husband Nick, kayaking, hiking, gardening and just about anything to do with the outdoors.  


Emily fills in when we need her. 


When she is not at the gym. She lives for spending time with her husband Paul, and 3 children.


You can see her and Sarah working out together a few times per week.


Luis - Staff

Luis is a go getter! With his upbeat attitude he brings a fresh enthusiasm to the gym.

You'll see him working out on a regular basis and always willing to lead a hand to a fellow member.

Renee - Staff

Renee is new to our staff and is a pure joy to have on our team! She teaches our Yoga classes and has her sweet dog come with her to work.

Unrolling Yoga Mat
Fitness Objects

Rosie -
Office Dog

Rosie is an 16yr old Pitbull mix and will come to the gym to make the office a happier place when Michael can bring her along for the day! 

When this sweet girl is not at the gym she lives for sleeping on the couch and playing at her doggie daycare.


Greg - Staff

Greg is our newest staff member.  He is finishing his Sophomore year at BUHS.  He is a rising student athlete.  His favorite sport is Lacrosse.  

Fitness Equipment
Gym Tools

Alex -  Staff

Alex is a wonderful addition to our team.  

He is high energy and is very motivated to get things done.  



Sarah -  Staff

Sarah has been on our staff for over two and a half years. She is an avid gym enthusiast; you will see her working out regularly.

She is on a weight loss journey and has made great strides. She enjoys taking hikes and walks on the weekends.

Starting at $45 for an hour session

image0 (1)_edited.jpg

An Introductory rate of $20/session (1hr)


$50/3 sessions.

Please contact Ethan at for further information and to set up an appointment.

Fitness Equipments


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