Michael - Owner &


Michael has been working in Fitness for 17 years. Not only has he been focusing on his own, but he has enjoyed helping others achieve their fitness goals!

When he is not at the gym he is a full time firefighter. He lives for running trail races and rock climbing.


Melissa - Co-owner

Melissa is co-owners with her husband Michael. Although you won't see her working at the gym often you better believe she is here working hard behind the scenes on our social media streams and website development.

When she is not at the gym she lives for family, the hockey-mom-life & walking trails.

Ali is the Assistant Manager. We are happy to welcome her back at the gym.  She brings an extensive business background and keen managerial skills to our team.


When she is not at the gym. She lives for time with her husband Nick, kayaking, hiking, gardening and just about anything to do with the outdoors.  

Gabe - Staff

Gabe is Michael and Melissa's son, he is a student athlete and has recently graduated high school and will be attending University of New England this Fall with a Major in Art & Design Media with a focus in Illustration.

When he is not at the gym he lives for hockey, video games and art.


Ali - Asst. Manager

Lydia - Staff

Lydia has been a wonderful addition to our team. She is a avid gym goer and is dedicated to her fitness.


Lydia is a student athlete and has recently graduated high school and will be attending Clark University this Fall with a Major in Pre-Med & Minor in Psychology. 

Luis - Staff

Luis is a go getter! With his upbeat attitude he brings a fresh enthusiasm to the gym.

You'll see him working out on a regular basis and always willing to lead a hand to a fellow member.


Lenox - Staff

Lenox is longtime member, competitive lifter

and is dedicated to his overall fitness. 

He is very knowledgeable and proves to be a nice addition to our gym community.

He is a Senior at BUHS

Chris -  Staff

Chris is one of our newest staff members.  Chris brings an extensive background in health and wellness to our team.  

He is one of our newest Personal Trainers.  Welcome!


Sarah -  Staff

Sarah is the newest staff member.  She is enthusiastic and willing to jump in and learn the ropes.

She is on a weight loss journey and wants to improve her overall health and wellness. Welcome!


Michaela -  Staff

Michaela is Michael and Melissa's daughter.  She is a student athlete and is a Freshman at BUHS. She works part-time after school a few days per week.  Welcome! 

When she is not at the gym she lives for hockey, moulage and singing.


Rosie - The Office Dog

Rosie is an 12yr old mix and will come to the gym to make the office a happier place when Michael can bring her along for the day! 

When this sweet girl is not at the gym she lives for sleeping on the couch and long warm snuggles.

Michael- Personal Trainer

$25 for an hour session

Chris- Personal Trainer

Fitness Equipments


Bootcamp with Sierra Rain

Starting March 10th!!!

Join Sierra for 60 minutes of fun fitness in an encouraging & challenging environment each Wednesday at 5:15pm. Class will begin with a warmup & pep talk and end with a cool down & check in. Liven up your fitness routine with a variety of scalable workout structures designed to meet any level of fitness and improve core strength, agility & coordination,  cardiac function and build overall strength. Each calorie burning-sweat session will feature a unique tailored total-body workout whether it be HITT, partner or team workouts or AMRAP themed. Build confidence by achieving personal fitness and health goals and join a supportive safe (MASKS are to be worn AT ALL TIMES) fitness community.

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