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Our Mission: is to introduce the tools (equipment) and knowledge (staff) to our members so that they may obtain their fitness goals and create a healthier lifestyle, in a clean stress-free environment, at an affordable price.

Main Workout Room

In this large space you will find a wide variety of fitness equipment.
Ranging from Free Weights, Barbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and plenty of weight plates to personalize your workout. We have ample cardio equipment which ranges from treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, rowers, and a variety of bike styles. 

Private Women's Weight Room

In addition to our main room we have a separate space just for women although it does not have all of the equipment the main room offers, we can provide you with exercises to complete your full body workout. There is a wide range of cardio, free weights and cable machines to meet your needs. We wanted a section of our gym to be a place were women could be comfortable enough to have a worry free workout!


Classroom & Cardio


Stretching Area & Yoga Space

If you are looking for some floor space away from the commotion of the main room we have a stretch room where you can do some pre and post workout stretching or any kind of floor exercise routine you want to do.   

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