Meet our Instructors & Clinical Massage Therapist 

Micah is a local Medical Massage Therapist with a background in personal training and a passion for helping people. 


“My goal is to change people's perspective about what massage therapy really is. It’s often considered a luxury for the wealthy .. and that is just so sad to me. I firmly believe that receiving bodywork should be an element of everyone's regular health maintenance routine” - Micah 

  • Do you have aches and pains from your workout? 

  • Need help stretching after some time at the gym? 

  • Have concerns about body parts not moving quite right? 

  • You’re here at Outer Limits for your health, why not schedule with Micah?

Join Sierra for 60 minutes of fun fitness in an encouraging & challenging environment each Wednesday at 5:15pm.


Class will begin with a warmup & pep talk and end with a cool down & check in. Liven up your fitness routine with a variety of scalable workout structures designed to meet any level of fitness and improve core strength, agility & coordination, cardiac function and build overall strength.


Each calorie burning-sweat session will feature a unique tailored total-body workout whether it be HITT, partner or team workouts or AMRAP themed. Build confidence by achieving personal fitness and health goals and join a supportive safe (MASKS are to be worn AT ALL TIMES) fitness community.

Join Donnalie for Yoga & Pilates Mondays & Thursdays at 5pm!


Classes are for all levels, from the beginner to the most advanced. Her classes focuses on Abs & Core strength & toning that Booty.  


If you are looking to improve your running regime, this class will help improve your running sessions so that you will perform at a higher level.

Come by and try it out!